Who is Keli Lane?

  Keli Lane was born in 1975 and grew up in a beautiful part of Sydney known as the northern beaches. She came from a good family, the daughter of a police officer. Keli Lane was found guilty in 1996 of murdering her baby daughter ‘Tegan.’ This conviction is unusual as Tegan’s body has never … More Who is Keli Lane?

Saturday Massacre

One must be insane to kill their own child, right? Julie Shenecker sits in court writing notes. Her appearance is non-descript. Every day she comes to court wearing a pastel pink shirt, under a grey suit. She killed her two children in ‘cold blood.’ First she shot her fourteen year old son Beau, once on … More Saturday Massacre

Insatiable Temptress

She’s hot’ remarked Travis Alexander’s friend, noticing Jodi Arias from afar at a sales convention. Travis, was charming, well liked and funny according to those that new him. His childhood was anything but pleasant. After his father died, his paternal grandmother would care for him and his seven siblings. A deeply religious woman, she introduced … More Insatiable Temptress

Brian Smith Bridge

A body was found under Brian McGowan’s bridge, one Tuesday afternoon last year. That body would end a chapter of events that began in Canada no more than eight years ago and ended on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney, the place where I live. Her suicide was possibly no surprise and seemed … More Brian Smith Bridge