Reviewed by Nicole Patterson

Pinocchio, performed by the Marian Street Theatre For young People, is a delightful and energetic performance from a young cast who are in tune with the nuances and humour of this well known fairy tale.

Set in a small village in Italy, Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, is the creation of Geppetto, a modest woodcarver who has longed for a son of his own. He trades his only coat for a book so that Pinocchio can attend school.

The play is introduced by a talking cricket called Bello Grillo who acts as Pinocchio’s conscience, forewarning him of the follies of his ways as he succumbs to many temptations in his quest to become a “real boy”.

Pinocchio is easily distracted and constantly in trouble. Tempted to venture out beyond the confines of school, Pinocchio encounters some interesting characters such as the Fox and Cat and the Blue Fairy, and finds himself in some dodgy situations with many duplicitous types.

Bello Grillo warns ‘Naughty boys become donkeys’, perhaps somewhat a hard lesson but one better learnt early – what appears great on the surface isn’t always what it seems.

In the end Pinocchio transforms and becomes a ‘real boy’.

The cast seemed to enjoy performing and included a willing audience who were left smiling.

Adapted by Terry Ryan

Knox Grammar cultural centre until 8 October

For further media information please contact Amanda Buckworth, AB Publicity E: M: 0413 949 140


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