Smooth FM Santa’s Magical Kingdom



Santa’s Magical Kingdom has rolled into town and is an experience you will be talking about for days after.

Everything about the three hour session was magic and stress free. Organised well, there  is room to move, and minimal waiting time to get on rides, with names such as ‘Cliffhanger’ and ‘The Crazy Rollercoaster.’

It is said to be aimed at 2 to 12 year olds, but adults won’t be disappointed. The cheerful staff ensured our time was enjoyable and captured the spirit of Christmas.

An hour into the adventure we were summoned to see a circus spectacular. Santa appeared on his sleigh with his helpers and it is fair to say, was upstaged by what came after. Thirty minutes of pure entertainment that included juggling, balancing acts on about a dozen tables, an amazing hula hoop performance, an aerialist dancer, and a finale that can only be described as sheer madness. Aptly named the ‘Dome Globe of Death, it fit three motorbike drivers and one very brave girl  that had the crowd aghast.

Crashing back down to earth following the best circus I’ve ever seen, there was still time to go on rides, ice skate, visit Mrs Claus and enjoy some storytelling, or stroll through a winter wonderland and feel snow falling down on you with an opportunity to meet with a Snow Queen.

Overall an enchanting experience and one that was according to six year old Eli, ‘The best night ever.’


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