Masterclass 2 – Flames of the Forge

Masterclass 2: Flames of the Forge


Review by Nicole Patterson

From Redline Productions, Masterclass 2 Flames of the Forge is written and performed by Gareth Davies and Charlie Garber.

Performed in an intimate space at the Old Fitz, the ‘two-hander’play opens with film critic David Stratton filmed chatting with Gareth Davies about his most famous character, Charlie Garber, who has since died.

Gareth, pompously declares he is the greatest actor in the world and plans to re-energise Charlie’s favourite city, Kuala Lumpur and inadvertently resurrects Gareth in the process.

Confused?  Don’t be.  Get ready for a very funny ride that is essentially about friendship and the art of acting. Whilst the egomaniac Gareth has created Charlie and has the power to destroy him, he is lonely without him.

Reliant on few props and tricks on stage we quickly learn we are in good hands thanks to great comedic timing and energy from the two actors.

Throughout, Gareth brags about his role in the film ‘Twister’ with fellow thespian Helen Hunt, which lends itself to a character who is pretentious and unaware of himself. The irony that he is holding a masterclass for those wanting to go deep within is not lost on the audience.

Masterclass 2 Flames of the Forge follows up their first Masterclass performed last year. The characters are well crafted and bounce nicely of each other, evolving throughout. It is the delivery and stage presence of the two that is what made it work and I’m hoping there will be a Masterclass 3.

Masterclass 2 takes place Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 5pm at The Old Fitzroy till the end of the month.


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