Convict Footprints at the Farm



Convict Footprints @ The Farm is a well written play with a solid and versatile cast that executes the story of the Macarthurs, and what is known as the Seven Hills  region, with energy and humour that keeps the audience entertained.

In deference to Governor Bourke it is a play within a play performed by the convicts who successfully deal with swift changes of costume, characters and an array of Irish and English regional accents in the telling of the story. There was enough raunchiness  and theatrics on stage to bolster what could have easily been delivered as a dry history lesson.

Set inside a barn at Bella Vista Farm It felt like we were transported to another time and place, where we were part of the banter, with the talent remaining in character throughout.

An enjoyable night out for all the family.


Written by Steven Hopley

Director Jerry Retford

Doors open at 5pm, performance starts at 5.30pm.

Bella Vista Farm until 17th January 2016


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