Insatiable Temptress

She’s hot’ remarked Travis Alexander’s friend, noticing Jodi Arias from afar at a sales convention.

Travis, was charming, well liked and funny according to those that new him. His childhood was anything but pleasant. After his father died, his paternal grandmother would care for him and his seven siblings.

A deeply religious woman, she introduced them to the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Travis was very driven and one day hoped to marry a good Mormon woman.

The attraction between Jodi and Travis was immediate. And so began a sizzling, sexually driven affair that started in February and ended in June in 2007.

Jodi would become a Mormon in an effort to keep Travis, but knew he would never marry her. After they broke up they began seeing each other secretly because Travis knew his family and friends did not approve of Jodi. She became his ‘dirty little secret,’ the defence said.

She needed him. He did not need her, yet could not keep away from her. She would say later ‘We both used each other.’

Friends released a chilling video of Travis talking about a near death experience, a dream that shook him.

The video showed him telling a room full of people about his dream and those around listening intently to him, whilst Jodi was draping herself all over his lap, looking bored. One female friend of Travis remarked that Jodi always liked the attention on her.

Intelligent, articulate, sexual, Jodi Arias had become obsessed with Travis. Those that cared for Travis, and there were many, did not want Jodi around.

Her eyes were soulless and scary according to several friends of Travis. Both men and women had been privy to what they said, was her evil stare.

There were friends that warned Travis about Jodi, those that would later say they just knew something was wrong. She made no effort to fit in with his large circle of friends and was trying to isolate him. A keen photographer, she always carried around her camera, often taking photos of Travis.

‘She is not welcome in our house anymore’, said a married couple close to Travis who feared her being anywhere near their children. Travis took the relationship underground.

Travis told another close friend, he feared for his life.

Travis was skating on thin ice with his trysts with Jodi.

Narcissistic, psychopathic and borderline personality, Jodi began to turn up places where she knew Travis would be, unannounced. Such was the bravado of her.

On 4th June 2008, 28 year old Jodi Arias stabbed 31 year old Travis, 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head. It was a brutal, frenzied attack. They had sexual intercourse before she gruesomely attacked him in the shower. His death would have been slow and painful.

His naked body was found five days later by concerned friends. The scene was a blood bath. Immediately friends knew there could only be one person responsible for murdering their friend.

Jodi would change her story many times. At first she would say she was nowhere near the vicinity, and when presented with evidence that proved otherwise, told Police there were masked intruders. The damning evidence included her camera,  her hair follicle and a thumb print with blood on it. She later claimed she did not remember stabbing Travis, because she blacked out. When asked in court why she killed Travis, Jodi said ‘the simple answer is he attacked me, and I was defending myself.’

Throughout the trial, in true narcissistic form, she would play the victim. Her account included a sickening display of crocodile tears, whilst describing to the court how she feared for her life. She said she felt debased and abused by Travis through the sexual relationship they were having, even though it was consensual. She claimed he called her a bitch and kicked her in the ribs. She continued seeing him. Many people told the police they thought she was obsessed with him.

In one interview whilst in custody, she confidently attests that there is no way a jury will find her guilty.

Enraged that Travis had moved on from her and was taking another woman on holidays to Mexico, Jodi hired a rental car, changed her hair colour to blonde and drove from California to Arizona with the intent to kill her boyfriend of four months.

Throughout the court hearing it was obvious Jodi loved the attention that was being lavished on her. Her appearance went from femme fatale to dowdy. Her blonde hair got dyed back to brown and she always wore glasses in court. She pleaded not guilty and her modus operandi would be to drag the name of Travis Alexander through the mud.

She said he was abusive and she was scared of him. Jodi appeared to enjoy the sexual texts that were read out in court, along with the phone recordings.
Naked shots and other material from her camera was shown to the jury. She told the court Travis was the only guy she had ever had anal sex with. Her behaviour depicted someone emotionally immature and younger than her years.

She took naked photos of Travis, moments before his slaying.

Jodi did well to annoy the prosecutor with her monosyllabic responses, and continually saying she could not remember when questioned. She smirked and laughed on numerous occasions. She was making a mockery of the court. Throughout the hearing, Jodi believed she would be acquitted. She was a person who was used to getting what she wanted. Her wiles, perfected over the years.

One jury member said once the evidence started coming in, there was no doubt Jodi murdered Travis. She was convicted of first degree murder and the jury would have to decide if she should die.

At first Jodi said she wanted the death penalty, as going to prison would be far worse. She later retracted this and told the court she was not thinking at the time she made that statement.

The case was a media circus, which Jodi was orchestrating. Jodi used twitter weighing in on the case, had a friend in gaol operating her twitter account, posting her thoughts on the case. Her family appealed to the public for money to help with legal costs. Her brother would sell some of her artwork on Ebay, Jury received threats, along with their families. One member of the defence wanted to be dismissed from the case. People were scalping tickets to the Jodi show. People travelled from all around the country in the hope to get a seat. One member of the public became a spokeswoman for a cable company and later became well known, posing for photos. Jodi wanted to represent herself, but this was not granted.

The Jury that sat for five arduous months, found her guilty of first degree murder but could not reach a unanimous verdict on whether she should receive the death penalty.

There was a mistrial on the sentencing and a new jury were seated on 21 October, 2014.

Jodi would apologise for maligning the name of Travis Alexander in a speech that sounded like she was reading a script out of a Hollywood movie. She said she wants Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie to play her in a movie.

Jodi was spared the death penalty thanks to one juror, but will spend the rest of her life behind bars in Perryville Prison, Goodyear in Arizona.



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